About Us

The Valuation Consortium was formed jointly by the eight private firms involved in farm valuation at the commencement of the fast track land reform programme (FTLRP). It was undertaken by the consortium to develop a comprehensive and functional database of acquired land for future
compensation purposes.

The Consortium does not aspire to set the “rules” on methods of valuation but will work within the relative framework at the time and with whoever is involved. The Consortium is independent, non-political, non confrontational and does not involve itself with any
claims on criminal or human rights issues. The aim is to facilitate and accelerate the compensation process.

We currently have over 87% of all farms eligible for compensation registered on our database.

It is essential that the farmers, their representatives and the Valuation Consortium show common purpose and a unified front. 

The Mandate 

2001-2006, Initial and continuing mandates referred to individual clients as per terms and conditions of the Valuation Consortium. At this stage the consortium’s concern was for registered clients only and not with the overall situation except in general terms 

2007, The situation changed as the farmers representatives became aware of the need for a unified approach and a comprehensive database covering all acquired commercial farming land. The then CFU president instructed us to consider the sector as a whole and made arrangements for finance in that regard. 

Therefore, there is a second Mandate created by the farmers representatives which currently drives us

GIS Mapping Project

In Pursuit of the overall mandate, it was necessary to ascertain the total numbers affected . At this stage we obtained Digital GIS Mapping which indicated all commercial farming titles. The GIS mapping has its own internal database which was linked to the Valcon database and recorded initially all registered farms, It then became necessary to determine the status of all non-registered farms. These were categorised and colour coded on the map.

Pursuit of compensation

Pursuit of compensation in co-operation with farmers representatives and other bodies 

Contacts and Presentations : 
EU,UK & other International Representatives 
Regional Government Representatives 
International Finance Organisations 
Government and Regional Government Civil Servants 

Valuation Consortium has pursued contacts on its own clients behalf and attempted, with some success, to establish a more technical contact on middle and lower levels, especially with The World Bank and Government technicians

The Database

Gives access to all data required for the valuation process at any given date using any accepted method i.e. Market Value, DRV or Cash flow also using any currency . 

As, at this stage, we don't know which method, which date or the form of compensation, we are not Publishing individual values. We have however based on assumptions created a Global Sum, i.e. The total Figure required for compensation 

It has the Capacity to project Values for the non-registered properties

Preparation for compensation

The Valcon Database has recently been re-written using modern software for increased compatibility and functionality. 
Mapping and the Database are linked giving more powerful and robust system allowing a wide array of uses for the land tenure system. 

When Cash flow Permits to step up the verification process with extra machines and technicians.

Continued contacts and promotional exercises to make sure the issue does not become shelved or forgotten. 

We will continue, as before to work with dispossessed farmers representatives and any other genuinely representative bodies.
We will maintain and expand our current technical contacts, both in the international and local communities.